About us

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*Cost effective
*CAA Regulated
*We are your backup 

With over 20 years in the logistics industry working for freight forwards, courier companies, dealing with hauliers and airline handling sheds, the founder of Mobile Cargo Security knows what the common theme is with all these types of companies, speed, cost effectiveness and reliability.  

Due to a change in the rules that says you can now screen cargo in the most appropriate way rather than having to put everything through X-ray first, we can be there to help turn your cargo around quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Cargo Security is the only CAA approved cargo screening agent able to screen cargo at a customers site using explosive trace detection. This means you don't have to send your cargo away, nor does it mean someone will come in and take samples leaving you waiting for sometimes hours to see if your cargo passed or failed.  We have the latest Nuctech TR2000DC ETD machine which is portable and enables us to carry out our work where and when we are needed.  

As we are mobile and can come to you, we cut down on airline delivery times, cargo screening times at other agents and airlines sheds plus, most importantly cost. All this is done without compromising on the strict guidelines set out by the CAA on cargo security screening.