Our Services 

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Our service is very simple. Upon being contacted by you the customer with cargo needing ETD screening we aim to get to your site within 20 minutes in the Heathrow area. Should you be located further afield (Gatwick for example) we'll aim to get to you as quickly as possible. 

On arrival we will speak with you regarding the cargo in question and aid in getting the cargo ready for ETD screening. 

We then simply take swabs from the cargo, process them through our ETD machine and sign the shipment off as pass or fail. You'll be provided with all the necessary documents to show your cargo has been screened giving you a full audit trail for every shipment. 


We have screened and passed shipments in as little as 10 minutes from the point of arrival saving valuable time. 

We also offer our services to fellow cargo handlers that offer ETD screening in-house. We understand that work load, staffing problems or machine break downs can happen, so on these occasions we can step in as your backup.